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Are you ready to learn how to better develop your players IN-SEASON?!

In this FREE mini-course and video series, we want to give you the “5 Misconceptions of In-Season Skill Development”. The majority of the training industry focuses on OFF-SEASON skill development and does not shed light on how to effectively make sure that your players and clients continue to make progress once they have returned to their busy season game and practice schedules. Experts in the skill development realm know that the off-season may be where the improvement begins, but it is definitely not the end! You must craft a plan to continue the player’s growth in both their skill set and IQ.

These videos from Coach Korey Harris will give you the opportunity to hear directly from him on some of the success and failures he has experienced along the way so that you can be better prepared to help your players continue to make strides when most players take steps backwards. These videos will focus on the following concepts:

  • “Communication is Key.”
  • “Keep Their Gas Tank on Full.”
  • “Help Players Identify Their Roles.”
  • “You Can’t Just Have a Great Off-Season…”
  • “You Can Actually Talk Too Much.”

Don’t forget to look into our paid courses as well once you’ve completed the free mini-course! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the information and links provided! God bless.

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