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The Transition offers a comprehensive coaching and training course

With 4 modules containing over 35 chapters of information created specifically for you, The Transition will enhance the way you teach the game of basketball by providing examples and advice that has been refined over time.

Three Critical Questions:


– HS Coaches
– College Coaches
– Team Managers + Personnel
– Video Coordinators/Scouts
– Skill Trainers
– Former Players Transitioning to Coaching

How will this help?

– Identify your “CORE VALUES”.
– Learn how to be a “PROBLEM SOLVER”.
– Learn how to GROW your training BUSINESS.
– Perfect your craft within PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.
– Learn how to create your own CURRICULUM.

what’s included?

– 24/7 access to ONLINE CURRICULUM
– Become a part of a COMMUNITY OF COACHES.
– Learn from high level PROFESSIONALS.
– Business + coaching advice from industry leaders

Improve Your Coaching & Training Business

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5 Misconceptions of
In-Season Player Development

As a special gift to you, I’d like to offer access to my mini-course! Here you will learn how I was able to develop young CBA rookies and veteran stars during a long and grueling season. Player development doesn’t have to stop at the end of the summer!

Live Coaching Mentorship

Receive LIVE consultation from Korey and other experienced coaches, trainers, and business professionals

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What Are Others Saying About Korey?

“Hey Korey,

I really pulled the value of being prepared, organized and leadership from you guys this summer. I think I needed to see that example, so I can try and model that in my career. 

Thank you again for this summer! Would love to continue to learn and build with you.”

– Coach Tyson Campbell (HS/Post Grad Coach for The Skill Factory)

“I truly appreciate the content you have given me to study materials that I need in order to take my career to the next level. I really enjoyed the breakdown of each individual player including weakness, strength, and confidence. 

You do an excellent job!! I truly appreciate all of the love and appreciation you have given to me.”

– Coach Josh Cistrunk (Milton Eagles Youth & Elevate to Greatness AAU)

“One of the best in the business for real!”

– Al Durham Jr. (Indiana/Providence Univ. & International Pro Point Guard)

“This is GOLD!”

– Coach Statham (Statham Basketball Academy)

“I need to book another consultation with you ASAP!”

– Coach Lakeisha Sutton (Head Coach of George School Girls Varsity Basketball)

“Great information! Stay at it!”

– Jay Hernandez (NBA/NBA G-League Coach)

“Golden and thoughtful as usual. It’s one thing to say these things out of your mouth and another to live them… and that’s why they have EXTRA power coming out of your mouth!”

– Coach Eric Slivoskey (College/International Pro Football Coach, Author, Counselor, & Motivational Speaker)

“Great work! I have learned a lot from your videos!”

– Royuan (Chinese Basketball Association Translator & Certified Agent)

“You are a life changer!”

Myles Broadie (College Point Guard)

“Korey is one of the most knowledgeable basketball minds in the game.”

– Andrew Harrison (NBA Pro)

“You have definitely been instrumental in the success of the organizations and teams that you’ve been a part of and helping guys stay ready, including myself!”

– Donald Sloan (NBA Pro)

“Korey, you have such a GREAT story man. Your heart is pure!”

– Ganon Baker (International Skills Coach)

Korey! You’re a GOAT in my eyes. I just want to give you your flowers. I remember just reaching out to you a couple years back and responded immediately and we connected. You could’ve “big timed” me like all the others do and never responded, but you didn’t do that and for that I’m forever grateful.

I learned so much just from being around you. You’re honorable and you keep it real. Hope to continue to learn from you. You helped change my life and gave me the confidence that I can really do this player development work on a high level. Hope that we can have more consultation calls. God bless you and your family Korey. I appreciate you brother!

– Coach Jefferson (HS Assistant Coach & Skill Development Trainer)

“The coaching calls were fantastic. The older I get the better student I’ve become. Being organized and detailed have been a staple of my development as a coach. Knowing who I am as a coach and as a human being is something I got from the calls as well. It’s ok to not know everything.”

– Coach Todd Cooper (Pinnacle Basketball Training)

“I wish I could have sessions with him every week! You can tell that he cares. Korey has been a great mentor!”

– Coach Patrick Reguliar (Pro Assistant Coach for Zhejiang Golden Bulls)